Great Bear Lake

Quick Facts: Great Bear Lake
Country: Canada
Catchment area: 114.717 km2 (44.292 sq mi)
Surface Area: 31.153 km2 (12.028 sq mi)
Avg. Depth: 71.7 m (235 ft)
Max. Depth: 446 m (1.463 ft)
Water volum: 2.236 km³ (536 cu mi)
Surface elevation: 186 m (610 ft)
Main Rivers: Great Bear River

Located in the Northwest Territories, Great Bear Lake is the largest lake lying wholly within Canada and the fourth-largest in North America. Its area is 12,000 square miles (31,100 sq km). The Arctic Circle crosses its northern segment.

Great Bear Lake drains into the Mackenzie River. It is icebound eight months of the year. Uranium and radium formerly were mined near the community of Port Radium, on the lake’s eastern shore. Reserves of their ore, pitchblende, are now depleted.

The lake was discovered about 1800 and explored by Sir John Franklin in 1825.

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