Lake Ilmen

Quick Facts: Lake Ilmen
Country: Russia
Lake Type: navigable
Catchment area: 67.200 km2 (25.900 sq mi)
Surface Area: 982 km2 (379 sq mi)
Max. Length: 40 km (25 mi)
Max. Width: 32 km (20 mi)
Max. Depth: 10 m (33 ft)
Water volume: 12 km3 (2.9 cu mi)
Surface elevation: 18 m (59 ft)
Primary inflows: Msta Lovat Shelon
Primary outflows: Volkhov

Lake Ilmen is a navigable lake in the western part of Novgorod Oblast, in Russia. The lake drains into Lake Ladoga through the Volkhov River. Lake Ilmen is shallow and fluctuates widely in area, from 200 to 780 square miles (520–2,020 sq km). Its bottom is thickly silted, which gives the water a yellowish tint. The lake freezes from late November to late April.

The lake was part of the Trade Route from Varangians to Greeks, playing an important historical role in the territory. It is a traditional tourist attraction for Russians and foreign people alike.

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