Lake Lugano

Quick Facts: Lake Lugano
Countries: Italy & Switzerland
Catchment area: 565.6 km²
Surface Area: 48.7 km²
Avg. Depth: 134 m
Max depth: 288 m
Water Volume: 6.5 km³
Surface elevation: 271 m
Primary inflows: Vedeggio Cassarate Cuccio Laveggio Magliasina Bolletta Scairolo
Primary outflows: Tresa

The Lake of Lugano is a lake in the southern fringe of the Alps. Most of it lies in the Swiss canton of Ticino, but the eastern arm extends into the Italian province of Como. The southwest shore and the Campione enclave across the lake from the town of Lugano are also located in Italian territory.

Lake Lugano is 23 miles (35 km) long and up to 945 feet (288 meters) deep. It owes its irregular branching form to the modification of previously existing valleys by mighty Pleistocene glaciers from the Alps. The almost Mediterranean climate and natural beauty of the region around the lake have attracted many tourists and retired persons to the hotels and villas on the lake shores.

Road and rail routes between the Alpine passes and Italy converge to cross the lake by the Melide dike bridge.

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