Acre River

Quick Facts: Acre River
Countries: Peru Bolivia Brazil
Towns: Brasiléia Xapuri Rio Branco
Mouth: Purus River
Length: 420 miles (680 km)

The Acre River is a river that flows through Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. It is about 400 miles (650 km) long, and the biggest part of it flows in Brazil. The Acre River is part of the Amazon system.

The Acre River’s journey begins at the Peruvian-Brazilian border. From here, on the river flows eastward and forms part of the boundary between Bolivia and Brazil.

Turning northeast into Brazil, it becomes navigable for small steamers at Xapuri, then continues past the city of Rio Branco and empties into the Purus River at Bôca do Acre.

Economically, the Acre River is mildly important, as it is navigable on small parts, and also because it is the main artery of a valuable rubber forest region.

The main tributaries of the Acre include the Atimari, Branco and Xapuri River.

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