Alma River

Quick Facts: Alma River
Countries: Ukraine
Source: Crimean Mountains
Mouth: Black Sea at the Kalamita Bay
Length: 85 km (53 miles)
Basin: 30.000 km² (11.580 sq mi)


Alma River is a small river in the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine. It rises in the central section of the Crimean Mountains, just west of Alushta, and flows west for 85 km (53 miles) into the Bay of Kalamita in the Black Sea, around 26 km from Sevastopol. Although the Alma River doesn’t impress by its length, it is noted for the scenic beauty of its banks.
Alma River in History

The Alma River was the site of a battle during the Crimean War (1853 – 1856).

The allied armies of Britain, France, and Turkey, led by the British commander Lord Raglan and the French commander Armand de Saint-Arnaud, battled the Russian army, headed by Prince Aleksandr Sergeyevich Menshikov, on 20 September, 1854. The Russians were outnumbered almost two to one and after a struggle lasting nearly five hours, the Russians army was defeated.

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