Apure River

Quick Facts: Apure River
Countries: Venezuela
Source: Uribante and Sarare
Mouth: Orinoco River
Length: 645 miles (1038 km)
Basin: 167.000 km² (64.479 mi²)

The Apure is formed by the union of the Uribante and Sarare rivers near Guadualito in the western part of Venezuela. It flows about 645 miles eastward to the Orinoco River, draining a part of the Orinoco basin. Its most important tributaries are the Caparo, Portuguesa and Guarico rivers.

Economic importance of Apure

The Apure is not dammed and because of its shallowness in some parts, navigation on it is difficult. Along the course of the river cattle are raised, and cotton, corn, and sugarcane are grown.

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