Aras River

Quick Facts: Aras River
Countries: Turkey Armenia Azerbaijan Iran
Source: Erzurum
Mouth: Kura River
Length: 1.072 km (665 miles)

Aras River is a river that passes through Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. The Russian name of the Aras is Araks. Its ancient name is Araxes. Artaxata was the capital of Armenia from 180 BC to 50 AD and itwas located on an island of the river.

The Aras rises in Turkey south of the city Erzurum. It flows mostly eastward for around 1070 km (665 miles) through dry and desolate countryside.

It forms part of the border between the Armenia and Azerbaijan on the north, and Turkish Armenia and the Iranian province of Azerbaijan on the south. Here, Aras joins the Kura River, and then empties into the Caspian Sea.

The Aras River is not navigable. It is extensively used for fishing.

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